Alan Sockloff

Born in New York City, Alan Sockloff grew up in Coral Gables, was educated in Atlanta, employed in Philadelphia, and retired in Brunswick.  While thriving as a professor of quantitative psychology at Temple University, it was his love of photography that led him to early retirement, allowing him more time to devote to his passion.

Alan has extensively photographed Coastal Maine, which he considers a photographer's dream because of the great diversity it offers in subject, mood, weather, and lighting.  Just as its landscapes are filled with rock formations and pine trees, its seascapes are dotted with numerous harbors and docks, lighthouses, working boats, and little dinghies.  His work has no hidden message – simply, his goal is to enjoy the outdoors while capturing and creating images that are pleasing to his soul and his eye. 

Now specializing in wet-darkroom alternative process (cyanotype, kallitype, gum) and black and white silver gel images, his preferred subjects have generally varied from abstract patterns of water flow and scrap metal to land and waterscapes to still lifes.

More of Alan Sockloff's images can be seen on his website: