Alice de Mauriac


Pemaquid Point artist, Alice de Mauriac, recalls her earliest memories of childhood scrambling on rocks in Maine, listening to the surf and the call of gulls.  The scent of salted air stayed with her where ever she traveled.  After achieving a BA in Fine Arts and Literature at Hamilton College in New York, Alice spent a number of years living abroad in Saudi Arabia, Finland, Norway, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland.  After all the travels that required makeshift studios, she settled in Rochester, NY for many years where Alice continued to create oil and acrylic paintings. In 2012 she and her husband, Julio Sánchez Baños, returned to the Maine coast to live year round.

The primary focus of Alice’s artistic endeavor is an exploration of abstraction.  Her residence on the coast has inevitably led to a renewed interest in the landscape and light that inspires so many artists who work in Maine.  Her unique point of view is filtered through her years of abstract painting. 

Alice has shown in numerous venues in New York, had a solo show in Brunswick in 2018, shows at Boothbay Region Art Foundation and River Arts in Damariscotta.  Currently serving as President of the Board at River Arts, Alice is enthusiastic about the arts’ community in Maine.