Beth Badger

BadgerMonhegan Sunrise

Monhegan Sunrise Mist                                                                                                                   Beth Badger

Beth has loved watching clouds, horses, cows, birds, and waves since she was a girl on her grandparents farm in upstate New England. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in fine art painting and communications and, following college, worked teaching English in Latin America and Japan.  Upon her return to the US, Beth moved to Nantucket to delve deeper into her art full time.  

Badger port

Then, she discovered Maine. Here she surrounds herself with islands, horses, sea, landscape, clouds, people and vistas.  Subtle, gestural realism that conveys mood and emotion are her goals. 

Seeking out people, places and atmospheres that resonate with her, Badger paints plein air and in studio. She is constantly watching, learning, and painting.

 To see more of Beth’s work visit her webpage at 

Green trees and shrubs

Green Symphony.                                                                                                                             Beth Badger