David Higgins

Dave Higgins has been an artist and educator for more than 40 years. Born in Portland, Dave is a lifelong resident of Maine and has lived all over the southern and central parts of the state. It is little wonder why his favorite subjects, like his favorite places, are the Maine landscape and waterfront.

Photography is his first love and his work covers a wide spectrum of interests. Pre-digital, he was a master black and white photographer. Around 2000, after years of experimentation, Dave moved completely into digital photography because he felt it finally offered him ways to surpass his film work. He began to explore complex relationships of color, composition and methods that blurred the edges of classical photography. At the same time digital allowed Dave to continue to pursue a minimalist style of "less is more". Dave describes his philosophy by saying, "It is often more important what you take out of an image than what you leave in."

In 2005, after his MARC residency on Monhegan, he began to paint for the first time since he was a young man. He found that he could apply many of his artistic theories to both photography and painting, but some ideas work out better in one medium than the other. Within five years his work made a huge leap when he realized that there is no need to choose between the two at all. Now he works digitally, generally from a photographic base, and uses a complex layering of digital brush work, screens, patterns and various software to create his unique artwork.

Dave’s work is exhibited and published throughout Maine and New England. At Saltwater Artists, visitors are likely to see photographs and paintings as well as his newer digital images on the walls.  

Visit his website at www.d-higgins.com