Elaine Abel

A little about me:


I was born in Connecticut but have found my true home in Waldoboro, Maine where I live, work and paint.   While I have no formal art training, I have studied under a few talented artists.   I generally paint snippets of my life...usually items from around my house.  I enjoy painting ordinary objects and look to find beauty in the mundane.  I am able to find pleasure and comfort in the ordinary acts of every day life.  My preference is to paint realistically and I work with both watercolor and oils.  Capturing the light is my never-ending goal.   I feel fortunate to live in Maine where artists are plentiful and generous with their knowledge. 

And about some of my art:

Art - "End of the Day"  - Inspiration was taken from my husband's clothes which he hangs up when he's done working.  The worn jeans just struck me as interesting and knowing how much he enjoys his retirement job, I smile when I see them.

"Sunnyside Up" - We get fresh eggs from our neighbor - I always break them on a plate or in a bowl before I use them.  While I was getting ready to make breakfast, the morning light was coming through the window. The yolk just looked pretty so I snapped a photo so I could paint it later.  

"Together Again" is a small representation of my life - It always comforting to have our toothbrushes back together again.