Linda Paine

The blending or fusion of materials and mediums with an emphasis on learning from varied cultural influences is the hallmark of my woven jewelry collection.

My interests in weaving and jewelry blossomed wandering the desert souks bargaining with Bedouin women for their hand spun/dyed balls of wool and silver tribal Saudi jewelry.  First learning tapestry weaving and later studying Saudi Arabia’s desert nomad use of warp weaving to form narrow rugs and tents sides led me to discover my methodology which I refer to as “creativity within structure”.  Utilizing this warp weaving technique each bracelet, ring or earring set requires construction of an individual loom and distinctive warp and weft which is then incorporated into the jewelry piece.  As a weaver I am fascinated with the effects created by intertwining of colors; I use sterling silver offset by 14/20 yellow and rose gold-filled material.  My body of work is especially noted for blending yellow/rose gold to present a subtle tone or shading for a bracelet or necklace.  I also delve into the ancient art of chain weaving. 

Since the winter of 2013, I have been consumed by bead weaving (one of the very first hand arts) using beautiful Japanese 24 kt. yellow and white gold plated glass seed beads.  I have been exploring Japanese Temari ball design and various other unit or component based design elements.

I have lived a life of melding geography and cultures; thus, my art jewelry is the culmination of appreciating and borrowing from these life experiences.  I do only a few pieces of each design and then am captured by a fresh design challenge – so check back often to view my ever changing collection.  Please contact me directly for special requests or sizing issues.