Linda Shepard

After years of making traditional quilts, I felt the impulse toward something new. In the winter of 2011 I learned fabric collage from Susan Carlson.

I immediately saw the limitless possibilities this technique offered.
I was hooked.

Using fabric for the pallet allows for a playful and liberating way to work with this medium. The technique is much like making a mosaic. I let the imagery and design elements build spontaneously, intuitively, without the interference of a predetermined result. In this way I am often surprised by the direction a piece takes once begun. The hours of slowly assembling and layering the hundreds of small cuttings of fabric give each subject its depth and texture. The process is deeply absorbing, meditative.

My intent is to celebrate the ordinary. Sometimes with humor, whimsy, or reverence, or with an eye toward the dream world.

My hope is to create a textural and visual pleasure.