Pat Higgins

After working as a middle school librarian for many years, I retired and have since been ticking things off my bucket list. One of those things was to return to my art school roots. I've been doing some drawing and printmaking, but have also taken a shine to mosaics. Making them is not so different from appliqué quilting and a few other needlework endeavors that I still do occasionally. The mosaic idea began with a vintage lawn table that I thought would look good with a beach stone mandala top, but I wanted something flatter that would not tip over my ice tea glass. At the time Dave and I were working with plastic cut outs for whirligigs, and I thought a thinner version would allow me to design something extravagant.

My technique has developed over many pieces and is fairly labor intensive. My mosaic pieces are hand cut from PVC 3/16” sheets on a scroll saw. The pieces are then sanded and painted with numerous coats of acrylic paints and glazes. Recently I’ve moved away from sanded grout and begun using clear resin.This allows me to use copper or other interesting backboards that show through the mosaic pieces. They are also tougher and more impervious to moisture. My traditionally grouted pieces should be displayed indoors, and neither method should be used as hot plates or cheese boards. Plastic, don’t-cha know!

Visit my website at for a look at some of my other endeavors.