Meet the Artists - 2019 

Excerpts from News Articles in the Lincoln County News:


Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor is proud to feature Rick Berk this week. After college graduation, Rick became a sport photographer for ten years.  In 2007 Berk became a trainer and technical specialist at Canon USA which enabled him to travel and capture the places he visited with his camera.  These days he carries his camera everywhere he goes . His pictures are recognizable through his use of vibrant color and ability to capture detail throughout the scene.  Rick also leads workshops and is a writer for Digital Photography School website.


Raymond Seigars

The Saltwater Artists Gallery has beautiful wooden bowls by Tom Raymond waiting to fill with a   tasty snack  to enjoy while the weather cools down.  Add something hot into a mug by Libby  Seigars  of Whitefield Pottery to make a perfect fall evening by the fire. There are many more wooden and ceramic items   by Raymond and Seigars which would make  terrific Christmas gifts on view at the gallery which remains open through Columbus Week-end.  


IMG 3955

Ardy Greatorex of Waldoboro is one of three photographers at  the Saltwater Artists Gallery. She considers herself a story teller focusing on composition, light and mood. The images tell a story or inspire an emotion.  Her portfolio includes lighthouses,  seascapes, still life, and flowers all presented on fine art paper or canvas.


The Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor has three artists who use watercolor to create exquisite masterpieces. Elizabeth ( Betsy) Palmer uses vibrant color, play of light against dark, and intricate detail, to portray her subject matter. She will paint anything that catches her eye and elicits an emotional response.  Her goal is to take something quite ordinary,  and through her painting, raise it to the extraordinary.    Judine French's path led from a real estate career, to professional interior wall painter to using watercolors on a much smaller scale than house walls.  The Maine coast and Monhegan influence he landscapes.  Maude Olsen is the third watecolorist and was featured last month, celebrating her 95th birthday.  She frequently incorporates calligraphy into her works.  All three artists can be seen at the Saltwater Artists Gallery at 3056 Bristol Rd. ( Rt 130), New Harbor, on quarter mile before the Pemaquid Lighthouse.  It is open 10-5 daily through Columbus week-end.  There is more information at



 Betsy Palmer                                                                Judine French                                                       


Kay Miller

The Saltwater Artists Gallery has three artists with very individualist styles who use acrylic paint.  Alice  paints large while Kay paints much smaller preferring 2 x 2" mini canvases and David paints sizes in between.   All three artists reflect their love of nature on the Maine coast. The primary focus os Alice's artistic endeavor is an exploration of abstraction. Higgins combined his 40 years of photography with painting when he started digitally enhancing his photographs which led him back to painting.  Miller paints with a plein air group  in summers and is fascinated with the changing tides and light which requires faster painting. It is also easier to paint small before the water levels or light changes!       These  three artists' work can be seen at the Saltwater Artists Gallery at 3056 Bristol Rd., New Harbor, 1/4 mile before the Pemaquid Light. 

Above- Kay Miller. Below left- Alice de Mauriac. Below right- Dave Higgins

Dave HigginsjpgAlicede Mauriac


SGriffin - Otters

The Saltwater Artists Gallery is highlighting the pastels of Sandra Griffin this week.   She has a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.  She began her art career as a surface designer for synthetic vinyl for General Tire & Rubber Co. and Litton Industries before turning to pastels.  Her work can be seen in several local galleries including the Saltwater Gallery in New Harbor on Rt. 130 (Bristol Rd.).  It is open 10 to 5 daily until Columbus week-end.  There will be a reception to meet the artists July 21 from 3 to 5.  There is more information at 


IMG 2529

Maude Olsen is our oldest and longest term gallery member. In fact, she is a founding member going back to 1967 when the gallery started as the Waldoboro Gallery Association.

August 1st is a special day for Maude Olsen because she turns 95.  She exhibits her watercolor and calligraphy at the Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor.  She was on the faculty of the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine for twenty-two years.  She also taught drawing, calligraphy, and watercolor in the Midcoast area for many years before retiring.  Stop by and and view her beautiful artwork!

She also has a studio on Rutherford Island, South Bristol which is open by appointment.



After a long career in the educational field, Carol Wiley retired to Maine in 2004 to begin a second career as a serious artist.

Wiley is inspired by the natural beauty of our environment and the work of artists throughout the centuries. “I draw or paint from life, but for me it is all about the process; subject is less important. I find freedom when I use a variety of media to explore color relationships, interesting shapes and linear movement. Of these explorations, color is by far my favorite."


fullsizerender-4 med hr

Cathie Stebbins Peterson is a new artist in the Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor. She is a self-taught fiber artist with a passion for color.  She started working with fiber after learning to spin wool.  Eventually she wound up with lots of hand dyed  leftover colors which she decided to  use to "paint" pictures, or woolscapes.

"Starry Night" by  C. S. Peterson



Come view the newest photographs of polar bears by Sandy Flint at the Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor. Sandy and his wife Sherry traveled to the Arctic last fall on a photographic expedition to view polar bears in their natural habitat. He came home with some spectacular shots.  His passion for wildlife leads to painstaking hours it requires to capture the unique images reflected in his work. He also has many pictures of puffins he photographed while working for the National Audubon Society's Project Puffin. He does all of his own processing and printing and uses only the finest 200- year archival paper and inks. He is a member of PPA and NANPA.