New Painters in 2018


New to the gallery for 2018 is Elaine Abel, shown here with her work. "I generally paint snippets of my life...usually items from around my house. I enjoy painting ordinary objects and look to find beauty in the mundane. I am able to find pleasure and comfort in the ordinary acts of every day life. My preference is to paint realistically and I work with both watercolor and oils."

Lydia Dardi in front of her work at the Saltwater Artists Gallery

A new artist to the Saltwater Artists Gallery, Lydia Darbi lives in Camden summers and in Florida during the winter. For more than thirteen years she was a graphic designer for the PGA of America. She began exploring drawing with color pencil and pastel while taking classes.  She goes back and forth between the two mediums depending on the subject matter.

Kay and Alice

Kay Miller ( left) welcomes Alice de Mauriac to the Saltwater Artists Gallery

The Saltwater Artists Gallery in Pemaquid is pleased to welcome a new oil painter, Alice de Mauriac. She now lives full time in Pemaquid after spending several years living abroad in Saudi Arabia, Finland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland, then in Rochester, NY where she continued to paint. The primary focus of Alice's artistic endeavor is an exploration of abstraction. Her residence on the coast has inevitably led to a renewed interest in the landscape and light in Maine. Her unique point of view is filtered through her years of abstract painting.