Pemaquid Point Association News

Excerpted the Pemaquid Point Association’s Newsletter:


Visiting the Gallery: ____________________________Kay Miller

The Saltwater Artists Gallery is opening for its 52nd season Memorial Day weekend. Since 1998 the gallery has been located on Route 130 in New Harbor. We are a non-profit cooperative of 27 jury selected artists who donate to local schools yearly and take turns working at the gallery. The building has been refurbished over the years; the latest addition was state of the art lighting. Exhibited works include every medium: painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, woodturning, stained glass, jewelry, and pottery. There will be a “Meet the Artists” reception July 13 and a “Dog Days of Summer” show opening August 18. The Gallery is open weekends 10:00 – 5:00 Memorial Day to June 14 and then seven days a week to Columbus Day.

The exhibiting artists are: Carol Ast, Rick Berk, Mary Buerin, Cat Crozier, Alice de Mauriac, Sandy, Flint, Judine French, Ardy Greatorex, Sandra Griffin, David and Pat Higgins, Caroline Howe, Sue Kibbe, Janet Lockhart, Kay Miller, Maude Olsen, Linda Paine, Betsy, Palmer, Cathie Peterson, Tom Raymond, Libbey Seigars, Cindy Smith, Polly Steadman, Lynn Thompson, Scott White, Pam Wilcox, and Carol Wiley. For more information check our website at