Beth Badger

Beth Badger first learned to draw and paint as a girl, on her family farm. She still loves to watch the sunset and catch lightning bugs and fish. Through high school and college she won art awards and sold her work at outdoor shows. With BA’s in Fine Art Painting and Communications as well as an MBA, she began her professional career as a real estate broker and illustrated properties with detailed renderings for her clients. Combining her communication skills with her artistic ones, she was an activities therapist, a teacher of English as a second language in Latin America and Japan, and now heads up a non profit foundation in Maine. Wherever she is, Beth has her paints with her. She loves to paint plein air, and is often found (safely) on seaside rocks, on the roadside or beside a beautiful garden, painting happily what is before her.  Beth exhibits in several galleries in Massachusetts, the Adirondacks and Maine. She and her husband enjoy adventures that take them to great places to paint and photograph.

“I paint things that draw me in. It if often skies, trees, the sea, and rocks. I hope my paintings share the peace and love I feel.”

You can see more of her work on her website and locally at the Saltwater Artists Gallery, New Harbor, Maine. 

To see more of Beth’s work visit her webpage at http://www.bethbadger.com 


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