Beth Badger

Beth’s first drawings were trees and barns, encouraged by her grandfather who taught her watch the passing of birds, the forming clouds, and just “be.”  She learned to ride horses and cows, watch and identify birds, fish, row boats and catch lightning bugs at the family farm. She painted and drew throughout  high school, college, then working and traveling. She paints and draws consistently and does work on commission when time and subject matter allows. Working in oil, watercolor, and egg   tempera, she is a member of a number of art groups. Her keen eye and skill at communicating with words and images makes her a consummate artist of life who speaks 5 languages including Paint.  She is an avid hiker, equestrian and she and her husband have “more than a few” horses and dogs. They both love to explore, camp, fish and travel. Favorite places include Monhegan, Katahdin, Pemaquid, and home.

“I’m a Contemporary Realist. My subjects are things that draw me in.  Sometimes that is the sky, other times it is trees, or a mood.  I’ve painted big skies, chatty seagulls, contemplative clouds as well as rolling seas.  I hope my paintings convey wonder, joy and anticipation of things to come.  May you feel the peace, love and light. I do when I paint.”

To see more of Beth’s work visit her webpage at http://www.bethbadger.com 


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