Cynthia Smith

Maine artist Cynthia Smith received her B.S. in Art Education from the University of Maine in 1969, her Master’s degree from the University of Southern Connecticut in 1978 and taught high school art for 35 years. She began to focus on sculpture after moving to Maine in 1985 and works primarily in bronze, plaster, wood, stone and clay. In addition to the Saltwater Artists Gallery, Cynthia shows her artwork at the River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, the Boothbay Region Art Foundation, the Yarmouth Art Festival and 10x10Brunswick.

Cynthia’s work reflects her interest in exploring a variety of media, and she integrates multiple materials or found objects into her pieces – along with a touch of whimsy. The subjects of her sculptures range from fanciful manipulations of human or animal forms to rhythmic arrangements of shapes and space. Cynthia approaches her work with thoughtful creativity, an appreciation of her materials and … a sense of humor. More of her work can be viewed at www.cvsmithartworks.com.

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