Doreen Reynolds

“The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten” –Cesare Pavese  

Doreen Reynolds was born in New Hampshire. A lifelong creative, she is constantly doing something challenging and new. Her vast love of exploring mediums inspire her artistic interests through various courses, then taking learned techniques and applying them to different forms.

Her creative outlets vary greatly from jewelry, wearable art, assemblage and mixed media.  She enjoys incorporating a wide variety of mediums into all of her designs; from carefully curated heirloom found objects, lamp works beads, resin, acrylics, eco-died materials ,polymer clay, handmade papers, copper, silver, and brass metals.

Whether it is Jewelry, Mixed Media, or Wearable Art, all are centered on seeking old and new objects which bring joy and intrigue.  Her love of all heirloom found objects came from a loving, nurturing relationship with her grandparents, who shared their memories and experiences of family and childhood places. Although quite simple, these shared times hold great influence over her choices of mediums.   She loves incorporating these objects into her work because it causes the admirer to ponder, remember; or wonder about the story that yearns to be told. 

She has been honored to receive the People’s Choice Award at Port Townsend Washington Wearable Art Show as well as a category winner in ManneqArt.  Her work has also been featured on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. She also exhibits at River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta. She currently resides in Maine and Maryland with her husband and two dogs. She is looking forward to being in Maine fulltime in the near future as well as becoming an active part of the Saltwater Artist Gallery and the Mid--Coast Art Community.

     Doreen’s works can be seen on Facebook – The Prolific Ginger, LLC as well as Instagram- ProlificGinger.


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