Pat Higgins

After working as a middle school librarian for many years, I retired and have since been ticking things off my bucket list. One of those things was to publish a book of my historical writings on Maine history, and the other was to return to my art school roots. 

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My book of Maine stories, Hidden History of Midcoast Maine, was published in 2014 by History Press. There are eight stories covering historical topics between 1620 and World War I. All the photographs that are not historical were done by my husband David Higgins, and I made my own maps. It is available at Saltwater Artists and local bookstores.

When it comes to my art, I’m a dilettante.  I’ve been doing some drawing and some printmaking, a little bookmaking, but have also taken a shine to mosaics. 

Making them is not so different from appliqué quilting and a few other needlework endeavors that I still do occasionally. The mosaic idea began with a vintage table that needed a new top. At the time Dave and I were working with PVC plastic cut outs for whirligigs. PVC and table sparked an idea that came together as a mosaic top. Since then I have made traditional grouted mosaics, others that are mounted on metal sheets that show through an epoxy resin “grout", and more recently groutless mosaics with acrylic poured finishes.

Visit my website at MaineStory.info for a look at some of my other endeavors.

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