Polly Steadman

Polly began “doing art” for fun as far back as she could remember.  For years she tried to draw and paint what she saw as accurately as possible, resulting in stiff, colorless works.  Over 30 years ago she learned the wet-on-wet technique for painting in oils and began exploring, discovering, and honing her technique. Painting changed from a pleasing challenge to a passionate adventure.  

Her composition was usually unplanned at the outset and took shape as her brushstrokes - long and strong or short, light and quick - blended blobs of color placed randomly on the canvas, while forms and themes emerged.  Then her artist’s eye guided the flow of the design to the finished work that is a unique convergence of intellect and emotion.

Polly admitted, “To be honest, I never appreciated abstract art much.  But when I can, somehow, blend the paint into and over the colors while seas and skies and magic planes emerge, it excites me.  There is a point, after an hour or two, when the oil paint sets itself up to be able to be pulled over the undercolors - and that’s when the excitement begins for me.  That’s when the refinement of composition and color begin - as well as the real fun."

Polly grew up in New Hampshire, received her BA in Psychology at Skidmore College in New York, and has lived in Maine for over 40 years.She enjoyed the artwork of others, organic gardening, snowshoeing, volunteering at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, and singing with Homeward Bound Hospice Choir.

Sadly, Polly passed away of cancer in 2021. The Saltwater Artists Gallery sold her art supplies and equipment last year and will continue to sell her artwork in 2022. All profits will continue to go to Polly’s estate to be distributed to her bequests. 

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