Howe Donation to Bristol School

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This past October (2020)  Saltwater Artists Gallery in New Harbor, ME was able to raise $420.00 for art activities and supplies for the Bristol students.  They sold the donated art books and supplies from their treasured artist Caroline Kelly Howe, who passed away at the end of July 2020 from cancer.  Kelly's daughter Dorothy Krueger and son Bill Howe wanted to honor their artist mom, a Bristol resident, by supporting the Bristol Consolidated School 's art program. Since Mrs. Krueger and Mr. Howe live out of state, Saltwater Artists Gallery offered to take care of the sale and donation. On Thursday January 7, JoLynn Bonin, treasurer at the gallery, was pleased to surprise Andrea Cough, BCS art teacher, with the check along with a beautiful Caroline Howe oil painting named "Love" and a self-portrait of Ms. Howe.  She was thrilled by the check but tickled too by the Kelly painting given her for her classroom. It is hoped that the painting and sketch will provide much inspiration and the joy of art to the students!   Mrs. Cough expressed much gratitude to the Howe and Krueger families as well as all the Saltwater Artist members and patrons for their efforts for her students.

Picture: Andrea Cough holding Howe pictures and check from Saltwater Artists Gallery

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