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Cathy Stebbins Peterson

I am a self taught fiber artist with a passion for color. I started working with fiber after learning to spin it. Eventually I wound up with lots of hand dyed colors of leftovers in my stash. I had seen felted art before, but mostly 3D or folk art pieces. I decided to try my hand at this, only I wanted it to have the appearance of a painting. This took a lot of time choosing just the right colors and hues.

As I work I start to get completely and emotionally attached to the point of almost being the piece. For instance, when I worked on a piece for Dahlov Ipcar, it was her “Fox is on the Town O”, I literally cried as I was working on the expression of the goose that was caught in the fox’s mouth because it looked so frightened!

So in essence I paint with wool and hope people will feel the emotion of the pieces I create.

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