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Sandy Flint

I began “shooting” when I was about eight or nine years of age when  a favorite uncle gave me a beginners dark room kit consisting of all the equipment necessary to develop exposed film.  That gift gave me the beginning of an  understanding of exposure and the chemistry of photography.  Later in life when I began exploring the oceans around us using the new equipment called SCUBA I was , as most are , enamored with the beauty around me and wanted to share it with others.    There were no “automatic” cameras  that could  be used underwater in those days so I was forced to get a firm grasp on the fundamentals which has helped me  become technically a better photographer.  More importantly I found a special relationship between me and many of my underwater subjects that gave me a whole new perspective of the way I looked at all wildlife.  

We were fortunate to live in the mountains  of western Colorado for several years and it is during that time that I began to get more serious about the photography business.  Living near Steamboat Springs which has a thriving arts colony gave me the opportunity to submit my work to local and national contests  and publications.  I enjoyed some success and found that some folks other than family and friends liked my images !

Since retiring and moving to Maine some fifteen years ago I find that I now have the time to take on photography “projects” and am willing to spend  weeks rather than hours trying for just the right shot.  I have traveled to coastal British Columbia to photograph the rare and illusive Spirit Bear and of course the famous BC grizzly.  I have spent several months in Yellowstone NP. chasing wolves, and weeks in Big Bend NP where  after several hours each day for three weeks , and thousands of shutter clicks, I was able to capture the attached shot of the beautiful Vermilion Flycatcher with a fly in his bill !  I have photographed Snowy Owls in Massachusetts,  Atlantic puffins on Egg Rock,  fox kits in my back yard , and Polar Bears in the Arctic ice. For me the reward of photography is being in the field with all these wonderful animals and the ability to share with others the thrill that I feel when that special image appears in the viewfinder . 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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